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Cardboard Collections

There is no secret that cardboard is one of the main packaging materials used within the retail, food and beverage sector. This creates a variety of issues around storage, disposal and service frequency within the CBD. Additionally, cardboard often takes up a lot of room in mobile bins, so it is inefficient to fill bins at a higher cost.

At Smart Environmental we address this issue by providing kerbside cardboard collections suited for small businesses, or businesses with little storage, at a much lower rate than you would pay for refuse bags with less capacity.



How does it work?

Call us on 03 451 0105 to set up an account or stop into our office at 110 Glenda Drive.  Purchase a prepaid sticker book, take it with you or we can deliver stickers to your site ( with instructions). Once we have your details logged in, our drivers are informed of your business details and will look for cardboard placements at the designated sites in the Queenstown CBD. If your business not in the CBD, you may place at your kerbside, optionally you may call in by phone and arrange a pickup.




Sticker Book

Our new sticker book design includes:


-Weight guideline

-Placement times

-Dimension guide

-QR code ( quick access to website)

-New local website address



Quite often we notice that clients are not optimising our service. Where possible try to educate your staff to flatten the cardboard, you could potentially obtain another 50%-60% more cardboard in with your sticker allotment.

The sample images below visually ( left to right) show an unflattened box, Squashed box and flattened box. These are all the same card board box, it is quite easy to see how much volume is saved when flattened. If you do not flatten you end up paying for air space



Drop Zones

For businesses in the CBD, please be aware that there are defined drop points which you may place your cardboard at.

These areas have been determined by the council and are not controlled by Smart Environmental. These designated areas have specific placement times to place your cardboard and when it must be collected. The details for this can be found on the Council website link below, please familiarise yourself with the content.



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