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It goes without saying that our part of the country is one of the most beautiful destinations in New Zealand and naturally attracts many iconic events.

Smart Environmental are proud to have serviced the majority of events held within the Queenstown region, and we have established

long running relationships with event organisers and developed waste management systems that encourage zero waste.

We can work with all organisers to make sure they meet their resource consent obligations and environmental goals.

View below to see an example of key events we have serviced over the recent few years. ( and the list is growing)




Our comprehensive waste management packages can deliver Recycling, Waste and *Compostables collections. We can also arrange on site staff to manage the waste systems on your behalf. All of this can be arranged through our experienced team, meaning you only need one point of contact.


Additionally we are able to provide reports on your waste to measure your environmental impact.

Resource recovery is our mantra, you can rest assured that Smart Environmental will divert as much as we can from the Landfill. We will always recommend twin bin systems (waste & recycling) this will ensure there is an opportunity to make a choice to recycle at your event, no matter the size.



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Pedestrian flow

It is important to consider your audience and to cater to their movements. A large festival may require more systems to be spread out. The more convenient, the better the utilisation.

Controlled entries and exits will allow for concentrated collection zones ( pre and post-event)



It is obvious that crowd size is critical as this is a key determinant for the amount of systems required to handle waste. However; crowd size will also determine whether systems will need to be managed, or capable of retaining capacity for the event.

An additional consideration is that if crowd density is high, how will bins be accessed by the crowd or the service providers.



The longer the event the more time there is to generate waste, it is important to consider this as even a small crowd can generate large sums of waste, particularly if the duration of the event crosses over usual food consumption times i.e. lunch and dinner periods







We recommend that all Event planners strongly encourage food and beverage vendors to use recyclable utensils.

In many cases utensils such as "Beverage cups and plates" make up the largest recycling volumes.


User pay

Consider whether vendors pay an overall event waste fee or have their own waste management system. Often there are only a select few that generate large amounts.


Health and Safety

We encourage organisors where possible to restrict or prohibit glass at events as this poses a hazard to pedestrians



If you are unsure of what is required for your event, we are able to provide a contractor report recommending waste systems, this will help support your resource consent application.


Reports & Feedback

It is typically standard practice for Event organisers to measure the success of their event waste

management Plan. Resource consents may require this as part of the sign-off conditions.


If requested Smart Environmental can provide a break down of the recycling volumes recovered and send reports electronically or by post



Smart Environmental provide commercial recycling and event waste management services district wide, we also operate the Wakatipu recycling centre on behalf of the Queenstown Lakes District Council

This provides our team the best infrastructure to support waste  diversion.

You can rest assured that we will recycle what we can, and that your event is deemed to be a responsible, sustainable, best practise event.


Additionaly; we can provide you our full supply chain details so you can rest assured that materials are recycled.










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