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Get Smarter

It occurs to us that many times our client miss out on savings opportunities, by this we mean, not fully optimising the recyling capacity that is placed into your recyling bin.

More often than not we see unflattened cardboard boxes taking up air space in bins,and at first appearances the bins look full but in actual fact they still have pelnty of storage left in them.

If you educate staff and ensure they flatten card board, squash plastic bottles and actually press down on the contents, you will increase the storage in your bin dramatically. this will reduce your pick up frequency and reduce colelction costs.

Take the time to train staff and you should see a saving in the amount of pick ups you require over the month, and the more you get in the recycling bin the less likely you will throw material into a waste bin.

It's very simple: Flatten, Squash and Push

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