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Smart Bins

- Make internet payments

- Electronic invoicing

- Direct debit

International and domestic tourists expect environmental and recycling solutions, are you promoting our 100% pure image? Dont risk being left behind by your competitors.

As the primary recycler in the district we have developed in depth knowledge of the business district, and we understand the need for your business to have a reliable, frequent and quality assured service.

Additionaly; based on our expertise and drive for innovation, we have introduced a wider variety of bins sizes to better suit the size of your business and introduced more visual bin labels to help with your transient staff recycling and education.




Check out our options below, or better yet call for our advice on what best suits your needs.

80 ltr

120 ltr

140 ltr

240 ltr

bin red .png
bin yellow .png

The two-wheeled MGBs ( mobile garbage bins) are the most commonly used bins for the CBD, these are well suited for the small to medium-sized enterprise, and are used for mixed recycling?


Sizes range from 80ltr, 120ltr to 240ltr


Call for our pricing, or better yet arrange a trial, so we can find a  system that suits your business.

bin  Blue clear.png


Mix Recycle


660 ltr

1100 ltr

The four-wheeled MGBs ( mobile garbage bins) are well suited for the medium to large sized enterprises and are used for both mixed recycling or cardboard only.

These provide a great solution for retaining mobility yet maximising the volumes stored.


Additionally, these only require a medium-sized vehicle to service, so access is generally less likely to be a problem.


Sizes range from 660ltr or 1100ltr


Call for our pricing, or better yet arrange a trial, so we can find a system that suits your business.


We understand you are busy and often deal with new staff. To ensure you know when your bin is scheduled to be serviced we now include lid labels which will detail your day of collection.  If you require a pick up out side of your scheduled day that is fine, simply call the office prior to 10.00am and we will schedule a collection. On call clients will be able to call as required. ( please note:  all call outs must be made prior to 10.00am)











Lockable bins

So you want to be sure that no one else is using your bins, fear not. If requested we can supply bins that are lockable, an installation fee applies.


Arpeture Lids


Aperture lids have a small 150mm hole (aperture) on the top of the lid with rubber fingers, this controls the size of material that can be placed into the bin ( lids remain locked)












We can supply NZ standard labels depending on where your bins are situated, you may want a bin with less visual impact, or you may want a customised label. We are able to help with designs and arrange custom labels for you













Sample Parks Bin:

Due to the fact this bin was being exposed to the general public in a Park area, we took the  initiative to include educational content and  pictures to help tourists recycle better.

Sample Parks Bin:

We included iconic local scenes

on our  bins to make them more visually appealing and less aestheically disruptive.

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