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Smart Environmental is one of New Zealand’s largest and most experienced waste and recycling contractors. Our company’s proven experience and performance span for more than 26 years in the industry. Smart provides extensive operations which range from private subscriptions to corporate company collections for refuse and recycling around New Zealand.

Operating in the North and South Island and with a large workforce, modern systems and scalable operations we believe that we are the ideal combination of the strengths of a focused small local contractor and the capability of the larger international companies.

We are a truly New Zealand owned company, owned by New Zealanders and invest back into our communities and our country.

We specialise in providing site-specific solutions for your business.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to a waste solution for commercial businesses. Every industry produces different types of waste and different volumes of waste. We work closely with our customers to make sure their waste collection and disposal plan suits their business needs, with a focus on sustainability and what opportunities there are to divert recyclables from landfill.

With well-established systems and processes, developed and refined to meet the specific needs of the local communities we serve, we have robust and proven methodologies for the provision of both commercial and residential services.

We spend considerable effort researching, trialling and developing truck body configurations and in-cab information systems to provide the best service possible in a safe and cost-efficient manner. To achieve excellence and consistency in customer services across all waste streams.

As a result of our company culture and client relationships, Smart provides waste collection services to over 263,000 households, and Businesses all over New Zealand .

To view our national management team click the link below:

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