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At last everything under one roof

For many years our customers have asked for us to provide waste collections, and our recent customer satisfaction survey confirmed this. On this basis, we are pleased to announce that from the 1st of April 2019, Smart Environmental will commence both waste and recycling collections.

So what are we doing?


1. Smarts new bin lids will now replicate the NZ standards colours, this will support the new council collections commencing in July, and also support the public litter bins. (red = waste, yellow = recycle )


2. By providing both recycling and waste to our clients, they only have to deal with one contact, simplifying accounts, bill payments and communications.


3. Smart is also providing a wider variety of bin sizes, this will provide more choice, potential lower pick up prices as well as better suited systems 


4. We are soon modifying our collection routes to increase in certain areas so as to provide a more convenient collection. We will contact our clients during this role out. 


5. By providing all your waste services we can monitor and report your business outputs. We will try to help you reduce waste as we are motivated to recover recycling, unlike other collectors. 




bin red .png
bin yellow .png

Waste bins will have a red lid. Contents will be disposed to landfill.

2 wheeled bin sizes will start from 80ltr, 140ltr, 240ltr with optional 360 ltr bin

Recycle bins will have a yellow lid. Contents will be disposed to recycle centre

2 wheeled bin sizes will start from 80ltr, 140ltr, 240ltr with optional 360 ltr bin

Our new trucks will be in Black livery, just like all great NZ teams.

Trucks will be equipped with leading edge tracking technology.

Black truck  clear 2.PNG
660 litre waset grey.png

Our new 4 wheeled bins will also follow the NZ standards colour code. (red= waste, yellow= recycle)

The introduction of these for waste, with small rearload truck is very efficient and can maximise space.  

Skip bins from 9m3 , 7.5m3 and 4m3


Out with the old and in with the new, Skips for new builds, renovating, yard cleans,

Skips are painted black to keep a low profile on site, less visual disruption. 

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