KING BEATS - Charity Music Festival

It has been really pleasing to see KING BEATS music festival grow from strength to strength. Smart have been proud to be a sponsor since its inception and its great to see the wide variety of recipients whom this fund raising event has supported. Well done to the team who have not only provided fundrasing , but also for creating a community event for the Kingston township.

QRC - Future Managers

Had the pleasure to host Queenstown Resort College students through the recycling facilty in August. It's important for our future hospitality and tourism managers to understand the full waste stream, and what is involved in terms of the collection process, processing and exporting of recycling. We try to emphasis to all visitors that reducing waste is the ultimate goal and business can make siginficant savings, as well as deliver on sustainabilty initiatives. The tours were held over two days with classes segregated into adventure tourism and hospitality/accomodation. Well done to QRC for including this process as part of the curriculum.

Recycling Education - Arrowtown Primary School

We had the pleasure to take the Arrowtown primary school for a tour through the Wakatipu recycling centre in August. It is encouraging to see Schools take the intiiative to allow students the opportunity to understand better, what happens with their recycling in the region. The tour was taken over a half day and involved the rotation of 5 full classes. Thanks to all the Parents, Teachers and Students who participated, there were some very good questions. We are glad you all enjoyed and learned more about what happens and how we can all do better at recycling. Image1: Upstairs in the MRF ( Material Recovery Facilty) Image2: Smart Environmental Regional Manager - Explaining Recycling Process I

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