Five easy ways to minimise your soft plastics consumption

Here are five easy things you can do to reduce your use of soft plastics and prevent soft plastics from ending up in landfill: 1.Consider carefully when you buy. Look at the options when buying a product and check out the amount of soft plastic packaging. Look for alternatives that ideally have no packaging or those that can be re-purposed or recycled 2.Put your produce items directly in your shopping trolley and then straight into a reusable shopping bag at the checkout. You don’t need to use soft plastic bags for each produce item. If you really want to use individual bags for each item, re-use old ziplock/soft plastic bags, paper bags, or lightweight mesh/cloth bags. You can also make you

Customer Satisfaction Survey - Great Results

Late December 2018, Smart carried out our Annual Customer Satisfaction survey to get a feel of how we are tracking against our valued clients expectations. Our survey had a resoundingly positive result with the vast majority of clients being very satisfied with our overall services; that's not to say we didn't receive some improvement comments which we will address as best we can over the coming months. Our focus will be to work on all the feedback and suggestions, and aim to improve what we offer in terms of commercial collections and total solutions. There were some excellent comments in terms of opportunities. As a method to incentivise particiption we also offered a $100 pressy card for

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