Trees, wonderful Trees

Every year it is such a treat to be able to contribute to the wonderful work carried out by Tekakano Aotea Trust in Wanaka. The fact that we will all get to enjoy the future benefits when the trees are mature is very satisfying. Te Kākano collects seeds from local areas, with permission from the Dept of Conservation, and grows them at their own community-based nursery. The purpose of Tekakano is to support communities in fostering healthy lands and waterways to create a stronger link between the environment and humanity. Lagoon planting. Ribbon Wood, Albert Town

QRC -First year Students

Had the privilege to host new recruits from Queenstown Resort College (hospitality and tourism) through the recyling centre today. It is vitality important that they understand the challenges around recycling in terms of costs and contamnination, and how they can address their sustainabilty goals .

Battery Recycling

Heres another lot of AA batteries prepared for delivery to Eco tech in Cristchurch. It is great to see more consumers dropping off batteries and avoiding landfill. For more information on Ecotech click the link below. 10 litre buckets ready to transport batteries to EcoTech - ex Smart Environmental Glenda Drive

Smart Sales Fleet - Mitsubishi PHEV

If you see our new Sales vehicle driving around town take a closer look and you'll notice it's a PHEV electric hybrid. It has the abilty to drive around on full electric power only, and is clever enough to switch back to fuel. Yet another step we are taken to ensure we maintain a light footprint. Vehicle being recharged at our offices in Glenda drive

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