All great NZ teams dress in black

To promote our new waste services we are rolling out some new trucks which highlight the direction we are taking for our commercial division. As noted in the title all great NZ teams dress in black, and Smart are no exception. We are still a NZ owned and locally operated business and we punch above our weight, against larger foreign owned waste companies. Our trucks will be progressively rolled out over the coming months and will represent who we are as a proud Kiwi company. They look great !

New Waste Services

As of the 1st of April Smart Environmental will be providing commercial wheelie bin waste collection services in the district. This is a departure from our current recycling only services, however it is standard business for our branches around the country. So what does this mean, and what are the benefits. 1. We will introduce NZ standard colours on our bin lids. This will support council waste systems and public litter bins. ( red = waste, yellow = recycle, blue = glass) 2. By providing all services under one roof we will simplify services. one bill, one invoice, one point of contact. 3. We can help manage our clients outputs by reporting on the collections 4. We will provide a wider ra

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