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Public Litter Bin trials

Over the past month Smart Environmental have played a part in the rollout of the trial public litter bin systems in Queenstown, Arrowtown and Glenorchy, in fact we have also played a key role in trialling additional glass bins sections by providing a bespoke service which is not typical in other regions.

Smarts Queenstown regional manager has been on the loveNZ working group for the past 3 years and contributes by sharing operational input and industry knowledge.

Being part of the largest NZ Owned waste and recycling business provides wide ranging expertise, which us to share inellctual property amongst other Branches. see our previous blog to see just how much of NZ we cover.

The feedback from the new systems have been very positive and so far the trial is proving to be very successful, particulalry with the additional capacity and glass segregation.

Image: Queenstown December 2017.

From left; QLDC Mayor Jim Boult, Lyn Mayes ( Love NZ), Ricci Peyroux ( Smart Environmental/Love NZ)

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